The Film

“Not Your Year” is a smart romantic comedy that takes place in the local music scene. It’s about a guy who got rich quick and then lost it all just as fast, and how he’s deeply affected by the two strong women who lift him up after the fall. As Ben (music entrepreneur), Claire (music lover), and Melissa (oddball artist), pursue their very different goals, their lives repeatedly intersect in surprisingly powerful ways. 

The film tells a funny, entertaining, positive story. It’s a “feel-good” film that celebrates music, art, and creativity.

Most of the film was shot at El Dorado Hills Town Center in El Dorado Hills, California. Town Center is a great place to spend time, and it has a really nice look that was perfect for this film. And the people there were great to work with!

Portions of the film were also shot in Sacramento and West Sacramento, California.

The cast and crew were mostly local. There are a lot of talented, creative people in Sacramento!